Get out winter! It’s time to #MakeSpringHappen

The days are getting longer and the weather’s getting warmer (maybe we’re choosing to believe that second one!) because spring is getting sprung, y’all!


Seriously, winter, spring is doing its sprung thing so best you pack your bags and head north now thanks bye.

You can #MakeSpringHappen and bring in the flowery season through sheer force of will! If you’d like to start in-house, here are a few tips on bringing spring into your home.

Clear out the clutter

Get started with a little decluttering. Pack away the blankets, the heater and everything else that spells winter. If you have to hold onto some treasured yet odd possessions (don’t you be ashamed of your action figure collection! Everybody’s got a thing), get some furniture that can double as storage space. For example, in your lounge, a simple mahogany or black coffee table like this one from Teljoy can double as a magazine and book holder.

In the kitchen

When winter rolls in, many of us turn to rich comfort food to keep us warm. So spring is the perfect time to mix things up in your diet.

An easy way to get much of your required daily fruit and veggie intake is to smoothie it up. It takes 10 minutes to make a smoothie and you can literally use anything you want. The best smoothie maker on the market is the Nutribullet. Go easy on your pocket by renting to own it.

A fresh new look

An easy way to bring a new and fresh look into your home is to plaster on new wallpaper. You can get a quick and easy new look with some removable wallpaper (which is even more awesome if you’re renting). If you’re not sure where to start looking, PriceCheck has done the hard work for you. And when you’re over it, just peel it off and stick up a new one. Easy peasy.

New furniture

If it’s new furniture you need, look at budget-friendly options such as second-hand stores or wait until there’s a sale at your favourite home store. Or save on spending and get some elegant items by renting to own. Plus you can upgrade or downgrade to suit your style and finances.

“Look around at alternative ways in which you can furnish your home with quality products. Household goods are expensive and buying everything may not be the best option, especially if it leaves you in debt,” says Teljoy Marketing Manager, Aimee Miller.

Gardening god

Have a garden or balcony? Make this space a haven for outdoor activities. Get some waterwise succulents, let out your inner artist, and mix-and-match them in a single pot or area. Revamp your outdoor space with some comfortable new patio furniture so you’ll be more inclined to spend time outdoors entertaining or just soaking up the sun (wear sunscreen!)