Homeloan Interest Rate Options

If you are working on a tight monthly budget and you can afford to, you might choose to fix your interest rate. Even though fixed rates are usually higher than variable rates, many people make the mistake of waiting for rates to rise before locking themselves into a fixed rate.

Before buying a property, stress test your budget to ensure you will still be able to meet your mortgage repayments if rates start to rise. Should the interest rate go up, you need to be sure you will still be able to afford your monthly installments.


There are two interest rate options to choose from:

Fixed rate: For the fixed rate option, you pay a fixed installment for an agreed period of time. The fixed rate duration ranges from 12 months to 36 months. The main difference between a fixed rate and a variable rate is that the installment with the fixed rate does not change with interest rate changes during the ‘fixed period’.

Variable interest rate:  A variable interest rate option changes as interest rates change. When interest rate changes, the monthly installment will also change, either decreasing or increasing accordingly.

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